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Releasing Expectations During Everchanging Seasons

Hey, there beautiful! If you’ve been feeling pressured to show up during this everchanging season, take some time to sip on your favorite drink as you dive into this post. I hope it encourages you to move forward in your most authentic way.

COVID-19 has affected all of us one way or another. One day we’re being introduced to the idea of social distancing and pausing all gatherings with groups larger than 10 people. Friends with non-essential businesses have been unable to work, family members have been laid off, and some family members have even contracted the virus. It’s a lot to take in and if I’m being honest, hard for me to pour myself out during this unknown time.

On top of that, entrepreneurial friends are challenging us (in the most loving way) asking us questions like “How are you pivoting your business during this time?” “Are you using this moment to step up as leaders?” They’ve shared advice like “Make sure that you’re showing up consistently so that once this quarantine is over, you are at the forefront of your ideal client’s mind.” Their heart is pure in sharing these messages, but I began to feel expectations piling up over me and my business.

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After feeling all this pressure to continue to serve my audience during this time, I became paralyzed and stopped creating content altogether. I did what I knew best and began to worship. When I am apart from God I notice that I experience so much fear and anxiety. I ask myself questions like: Where is my next client going to come from? or What opportunity should I be securing right now? When I draw myself nearer to Him, I am filled with so much freedom, joy, and peace. I’m reminded of His constant love and I trust the next step more than ever. In fact, everything begins to flow naturally, similar to this blog post.

It helped me realize that maybe there isn’t anything required of me during this season after all. I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to be in tune with myself and release any expectations that I’ve felt from others or placed on myself unknowingly.

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Last week, I was reading the book Visioneering by Andy Stanley. It encourages you to move forward with the vision God has placed in your heart.

In Chapter 10 he asks: What sacrifice are you willing to take?

Visioneering Book by Andy Stanley Author of Enemies of the Heart

I realized that my sacrifice is stepping out in faith even when I’m feeling weighed down. This doesn’t mean ignore your feelings or emotions and push them down to the point where you don’t acknowledge them. Choosing to step out in faith eliminates any previous pressure we may have placed on ourselves. I am not forcing myself to perform, instead, I am releasing all expectations and surrendering it to God so that He who is able to handle it all can work through me.

I’m reminded that my business is not about me. It’s about empowering women and encouraging them on their journey whether it be in life or business. I can only do that by taking the time to pour into myself and ask myself hard questions that provide honest answers and help propel me to move forward authentically.

Hopefully, this post encourages you. If you’re looking for a fellow biz babe to chat with, say hey on Instagram @styledbykrystalandrea. I’d love to empower you during this season!


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April 18, 2020

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