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How to Use Colors to Reflect Your Personal Brand

Hey babe! If you’re a small business owner, you may already have a brand color palette, but if not- that’s okay! You can still use colors that reflect the overall vision of your personal brand through your clothing, the locations you choose, and the props you use. I’m so excited to dive into this session with you. Keep on reading to learn my top tips on how to use colors to reflect YOUR personal brand!!

girl with hat and suitcase full of color, shirt, heels, and sweater

Alexis Tinsley and I met at a female entrepreneur event called Gal Getaway during Valentine’s weekend of 2019. It was such a fun retreat where we were able to relax and connect with other business babes! At the time, she was studying Journalism and trying to find her place in the industry.

Now, she has found her passion as a Travel Content Creator and she was looking for beautiful images to help up-level her brand. I’m SO glad we stayed connected all this time and I was able to support her with photos that truly represent her personality for her relaunch!

Tinsley shares tips on traveling on a budget and educates her audience on different cultures. Her brand attracts a younger generation and she wants those who view it to be inspired to travel! Keeping her personal brand in mind, I wanted to make sure that we chose colors that would communicate this message with her audience.

Let’s dive right into my top tips!!


Your personal brand should always evoke emotion and inspire a feeling. For example, maybe you’re a skincare specialist and you want your clients to feel relaxed or maybe you’re a health and wellness coach and you want your clients to feel confident. Now, think about what colors can represent those moods. Soft colors like light blue, blush pink, and lavender might be great for a skin specialist, and bright pink, deep red, and white could help portray the idea of confidence for a coach.

red dress with hat and khaki button up dress, downtown orlando

Since her audience is made up of a lot of travelers, we wanted to use colors that inspire travel. We focused mainly on Latin American colors since that’s one of her biggest inspirations. Throughout the whole photoshoot, we were surrounded by bright colors like green, red, teal, yellow, and coral!

For her first look, we were going for something fun and flirty so, she wore a bright red dress with nude heels and a super cute hat! Her second look was inspired by a tourist exploring the city. She wore a khaki button-up dress and accessorized it with her gorgeous hat again!

Reyes Mezcaleria, yellow top personal branding session

Her third look was focused on celebrating culture, so we chose a bright yellow top because the color is super fun and inviting, and we paired it with blue jeans and brown sandals.


Coffee shops are always a great location choice because it captures the entrepreneur lifestyle (which is on the go) but, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!! What makes you feel most in your element? Is it your home, the beach, a fancy restaurant? Dream up your go-to location and keep your eyes open for details in the architecture, layout, florals, and scenery where you can bring out the colors to reflect your personal brand in your photo!

Bright colors like green and red in Downtown Orlando, Disney Springs Photoshoot

Because she wants to inspire others to travel, we chose locations that reflected that. The first place we photographed in was Downtown Disney since they have beautiful architecture inspired by Spain! Then, we made our way to the streets of Downtown Orlando. We found some beautiful green plants that we were able to use as a backdrop and it really complimented her khaki outfit!

While in downtown, we discovered the beautiful Robinson Coffee Room. The interior is stunning and creates such an elevated experience. (P.S.- their almond milk caramel latte is absolutely worth trying)

Girl drinking coffee, taking photos of colorful food

Our third location was Reyes Mezaleria, because if you know Tinsley, then you’d know her love for Mexican food and the dishes were sure to add some pops of color to the photographs!! Lastly, we chose a parking garage located in Lake Nona since the grey concrete and staircases reflect an airport really well!

girl with suitcase at the airport and on staircase


Most entrepreneurs select a laptop as their first choice for a prop. You can definitely use a laptop for your session but think about if there’s a way to make it unique. Does it have a cover that’s totally on-brand? It’s also great to include other props that you use on a daily, inspire you, or items that you use for projects related to your client process. Your options are endless!

colors to reflect your personal brand, blue InstaTravel book, colorful map

Tinsley literally went all out, and it made my heart SO HAPPY. She brought a suitcase FULL of fun props that really represented her brand. It included her InstaTravel book, a map of the U.S., her passport, a notebook, a white and bright blue top, coral heels, and her sign that says “Travel with Tinsley”. Talk about ON BRAND.

vibrant and colorful jean jacket and laptop case

Because her props were all vibrant, they worked very well together. Using colors that reflect your personal brand helps you to become recognizable. Whenever your audience sees you on their feed they’ll remember you, simply by the colors that you use.

I hope these 3 tips on using colors to reflect your personal brand were super helpful! Remember to think outside of the box but always keep your personal brand in mind when creating your overall vision for your photoshoot. You got this, girl!!

Now, let’s get to know the babe behind the brand!

How did you start this journey? “I became a blogger during my freshman year of college after taking a course where we had to find a platform to showcase their work on. From there, I fell into travel blogging, traveling full time, and sustaining the lifestyle of a full-time traveler.

What advice would you give to your younger self prior to beginning this journey? “I would tell my younger self to take it one day at a time. I heard a saying the other day that resonated with me and it was “you can have it all, but you don’t have to have it all at once.

quote "you can have it all but you don't need to have it all at once'

Where do you see your business growing 5 years from now? Dream big!! “I see my business branching out and catering to the business side of the travel industry. Working with tourism boards, travel agencies, hospitality companies, etc. I have learned to enjoy helping travel businesses grow. I have considered jumping into the marketing industry, but I am going to wait it out and see.

Do you have any podcasts or individuals that keep you motivated? “I love listening to Jenna Kutcher and Josie Sanders. I admire Nicole Issacs, Daniela Bustabad, and Alex Martinez. My coaches inspire me: Kahlea Nicole, Mark Harrison, Shantel Wallace, and Nina Zadeh. All amazing hard workers in the freelance/creator industry!”

What inspires you? “The ability to have a business that is strictly mine is what inspires me.

Who would you love to impact most through your business? “I would love to impact the people who are interested in becoming a full-time traveler but are not sure how to sustain the life. Being someone who is very close to being able to take it on full time, I believe I have so much value to share.

If you’re inspired by travel, definitely check her page out. She shares the best tips and has such a fun personality! You can follow her and support her via Instagram: @travelwithtinsley

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August 27, 2020

  1. Wow wow wow! I loved everything about this blog post! Thank you for sharing! I would love to do a photo session with you one day!

    • Krystal De La Cruz says:

      Omg, you’re the SWEETEST. I’m so glad you loved it and found it helpful. I would love to photograph you girl, it would be so much fun!!

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