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3 Ways to Show Your Personality in Branding Photos

As business owners, it’s easy to focus on the services we provide, but I want to remind you that your business does not make up ALL of you. There’s so much more to you and that’s what I strive to showcase during your personal branding photoshoot. Prior to every photo shoot, I ask my clients certain questions so that I can better understand them and their brand. I’m so excited to share a few of those questions and provide you with 3 ways to show your personality in your branding photos so that you can connect with your audience in a deeper way!

I had the pleasure of photographing Meredith. She is an incredible content strategist and copywriter. She’s also the co-owner of SheHustles Community, a local event that encourages and connects female entrepreneurs in Lake Nona. If you’ve ever met Meredith, you’ve seen her beautiful contagious smile, you’ve experienced her joyful spirit, and you know her heart behind serving others. Her beautiful personality deserves to be showcased in every image!! Let’s dive into the questions I asked her and my top 3 tips!

Girl drinking coffee

1) What does your work process look like behind the scenes? Do you enjoy working at a coffee shop or in the comfort of your own home? Is there something in your process that you feel is unique to you?

Meredith enjoys visiting coffee shops and loves to order Chai Tea! She also wears headphones while working on projects, so we captured some photos of them as props and a few of her actually wearing them and jamming out!

Female entrepreneur with headphones

2) What’s one of your favorite forms of self-care? How do you like to pour back into yourself? Some people love to light up a candle and have a bubble bath (or, is that just me?) others love hanging out at the beach, experiencing date night with their boo, or treating themself to a nice dinner.

Show your personality in branding: Joyful personality of a woman practicing yoga

Meredith loves doing yoga and meditating! This helps her to feel relaxed, refreshed, and reset for any upcoming projects that she has. Her joyfulness and excitement shine through these images. I have no doubt that other fellow yogis and lovers of meditation will see these photos and instantly feel like they can also relate to her as well.

Playful personality, woman meditating

3) Is there a fun activity you do after work? It’s time to share a little bit more about your life! This is another fun way to show your personality in branding shoots! This could easily be one of your other passions. Maybe you’re secretly a really talented cook or you love to dance hip hop. Sharing other areas of your life humanizes you and your brand.

When she’s not connecting with her clients, she pours back into those that she loves, which include her fur babies!

Show your personality in branding: Lady walking her dogs

Photos like these are truly precious, specific to YOUR life, and bring about a beautiful connection that cannot be mimicked in stock photos. This is just one of the reasons why I feel personal branding shoots are so beneficial. They show another area of your life that’s not focused solely on business.

BONUS TIP- Your choice of outfits can also help show off your personality. We took some images of her in her beautiful blazer and also did a few without it, for a more casual look. This is an easy way to add variety to your photoshoot without changing into an entirely different outfit!

Show your personality in branding: Happy female entrepreneur

I encourage you to use these tips to show your personality in branding photoshoots! Challenge yourself to think differently so that the photos captured during your session truly speak to you and create deeper connections with your audience.

As always, here’s a little bit more on this boss babe!

Share your story! How did you begin your journey? “I started helping friends and family – grew my client list while working for a consulting firm until I could make the jump! :)”

Do you have any podcasts or individuals that keep you motivated?Yes, close friends/family, Tony Robbins podcast, Dave Ramsey, and Hot Copy Podcast.

Where do you see your business growing 5 years from now? Dream big!!THE go-to copywriter for business and agencies. Revenue over $1M!

What advice would you give to your younger self prior to beginning this journey?Start sooner 🙂

To learn more about Meredith and follow her journey, visit her Instagram: @meetingmeredithcreative, and if you’re looking to book her for a project, here’s her beautiful site: MeetingMeredith.com

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September 13, 2020

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